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Cultural Etiquette for Journeys Magazine

I was commisisoned to do a set of illustrations for Journeys magazine about cultural etiquette.
In Thailand no woman should ever pose in front of a Buddah statue, so no selfies!
In Japan it is rude to cross or lick your chopsticks

In china always leave something on your plate to show you are full or the food will keep on coming!
We changed the colour of her hair in the magazine to make her differ from the girl in China!


Here's an illustration I did for a while back for a Gatwick internal magazine. 

Auto Trader!

Earlier this year in the Summer with thanks to my Agency, Lemonade I created a number of illustrations for Auto trader's Dealers poster campaign. I'm happy to finally release the illustrations for all to see!

Oh Christmas Tree

Probably starting the Christmas theme a little too early but I couldn't resist.
Print Available

MR. Movember

Say Hello to Mr. Movember a little monster with a moustache.

Mr. Movember as a Mug! Get it here

Squiggle the Japanese Flying Squirrel

This cute little fella is a Japanese flying squirrel and he's got an acorn on his head, silly squiggle!
Available as print, cushion and tote bag 

How cute is he as a tote bag?!

This is him in real life!!

New Cushions & Prints Available

Check out some of my new cushions & prints over at my shop on Society 6

The Alphabetical Anecdotes of Abnormal Animals

I've finally printed off a personal copy of my Alphabet book! It looks great in person, needs a couple of improvements but it's almost there.

I am a Racoon

And here's another cute critter for the collection! Don't forget to like him on Dribbble

I am a Sheeeeep!

The second instalment to my illustrated animal onesie collection!